Synthesis and Characterization of Aluminium and Cobalt substituted W type Hexagonal Ferrites


  • Muhammad Mujahid
  • Hasan M. Khan
  • Zartasha Sarwar
  • Khurram Ali
  • Mohammad Shoib
  • Imran Sadiq
  • Yongbing XU
  • Muhammad Zahid
  • Muhammad Nadeem
  • Tahira Akhtar
  • Rashida Anjum
  • Innam ur Rehmana



Ferrites, W-type hexagonal ferrites, structural properties, SEM, XRD


Our work utilized sol-gel auto combustion method for M-type ferrites synthesis with hexagonal orientation having chemical composition Ca (1-X) AlXCo2Fe16O22. Annealing of the samples was performed for 8 hours at 1200oC. Structural properties and grain morphology of the synthesized samples included X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier transforming infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), Ultraviolet visible spectroscopy techniques and scanning electron microscope (SEM). The XRD analysis verified that all samples exhibited single-phase crystalline hexagonal w-type structure at a temperature range of 1200oC without impurity level. The approximate grain size from SEM images is within the range of 76-139 nm, which confirms nanocrystal line structure of hexagonal samples. The spectral analysis of the FT-IR showed that the band of absorption ranged from 450 cm-1 to 650 cm-1. FTIR spectra of prepared samples disclosed proof of positive formation of hex ferrites. The presence of metal oxygen bonding at octahedral site and tetrahedral site indicates that all manufactured samples show hexagonal ferrites w-type hexagonal ferrites are ideal for application with high frequency applications, such as microwave systems.



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Mujahid, M., Khan, H. M. ., Zartasha Sarwar, Ali, K., Shoib, M., Sadiq, I., XU, Y., Zahid, M., Nadeem, M., Akhtar, T., Anjum, R., & Rehmana, I. ur. (2020). Synthesis and Characterization of Aluminium and Cobalt substituted W type Hexagonal Ferrites. JOURNAL OF NANOSCOPE (JN), 1(2), 65-72.