Sintering and property characterization of Copper doped Strontium Chromite by Sol gel method


  • Kiran Batool
  • Arshad Mehmood
  • Aqeel Ahmad Shah
  • Alidad Chandio
  • Rubia Shafique
  • Tahira Yaqoob
  • Naseem Akhtar
  • Mehak Bukhari



sol-gel, strontium chromite, photoluminescence, Raman spectroscopy


This paper describes the synthesis of spinel copper Chromites (CuCr2O4) and doped Strontium copper chromite Nano-Crystalline using the sol gel method. The sample was calcined at various temperatures, including 750°C for the best results. Citric acid is a substance used to keep Nanoparticles from clumping together. The average particle size of nanoparticles was determined using powder x-ray diffraction, which revealed that as the sintered temperature is raised, the crystal size increases from 37 nm to 47 nm more. The sample was sintered at 750?C in furnace for 4 hours resulting in an increase in average grain size from 37nm to 47 nm measured using scanning Electron microscopy. The (124) phase of copper chromate having reference number 34-0424 JCPDS number obtained at 750°C with lattice parameter values 6.03?A and 7.8?A. The crystallite size is estimated to be between 37 and 47 nanometers. Similarly, SEM results show that the structure of pure copper chromites is tetragonal, and that after doping with other compounds, the structure will change according to the characteristics of Nano particles. In the PL spectra, four peaks are obtained: one at 347nm, one at 380nm, one at 500nm, and one at 600nm The EDX reading demonstrates that all of the required elements are present in the sample, with no additional impurity peaks. This demonstrates that this is a pure and successful synthesis. This also demonstrates that this is my unique and original work.



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Batool, K., Mehmood, A. ., Ahmad Shah, A., Chandio, A., Shafique, R., Yaqoob, T., Akhtar, N., & Bukhari, M. (2021). Sintering and property characterization of Copper doped Strontium Chromite by Sol gel method. JOURNAL OF NANOSCOPE (JN), 2(2), 215-230.