Alternative for Renewable Energy


  • Muhammad Osama NED University of Engineering & Technology
  • Najam Waseem
  • Emran Ullah



Renewable energy, energy demand, speed breakers


Importance of renewable energy resources has increased since the discussion on climate change has evolved from a lesser-known fact to a global issue. Heavy traffic across the globe has increased abruptly. Utilization of the energy generated by the interference of wheels of a moving vehicle and a speed breaker. A roller conveyor would serve as a part of the road that is embedded as a speed breaker. Millions of cars pass through the national highways if we are to implement the system or the project which is under consideration by means of the “Power generation by using the speed breakers”. The apparatus would consist of a roller conveyor attached to a full-fledged mechanical gear operational on the rack and pinion mechanism. The product design is assembled to acquire less space and provide more useful energy. The product design is feasible and can be implemented across the globe anywhere on the highways. The whole concept is based upon the electromechanical principles of physics mainly. Keywords: Renewable energy, electromagnetism, electrical power, energy demands, speed breakers.



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Osama, M., Waseem, N. ., & Ullah, E. (2021). Alternative for Renewable Energy. JOURNAL OF NANOSCOPE (JN), 2(2), 151-161.