Controlling of Home Devices by using MTMF Technique without using IC


  • Usama Ayub Department of Physics, NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi.
  • Muhammad Habib ur Rehman Quamar khan



DTMF Technique, MTMF Technique, Home Automation, Wireless Technology, Telecommunication Techniques, Wide Range Controlling Devices


The idea behind our study is to develop a system that would control our home electrical devices wirelessly by using a cellphone. Nowadays advancement in technology has made home automation as one of the emerging trends in modernization of controlling home devices. Conventionally all the home electrical devices are controlled via switches which utilizes the manual work and human effort. As the world is modernizing day by day so the cellular communication has given us a chance to control home appliances automatically from any place wirelessly. The proposed system will utilize the use of DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency) technique present in cellphones to produce MTMF (Multiple Tone Multiple Frequency) technique for our algorithm designed in MATLAB. This system provides controlling of home appliances through mobile phone by dialing a particular number and the digital output would be generated by DTMF and MTMF by receiving the command from cell phone. Hence the proposed system will meet the demand of people by providing them control of their home devices wirelessly from any place. Thus, the developed system reduces the human effort and the living environment will be more comfortable and satisfactory.



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Ayub, U., & Quamar khan, M. H. ur R. (2021). Controlling of Home Devices by using MTMF Technique without using IC. JOURNAL OF NANOSCOPE (JN), 2(2), 141-149.